To let an effect of the glass coating last

To let an effect of the glass coating last

It is said that I have for half a year at least when I perform the glass coating once. But careful correspondence of the every week is necessary to keep an effect of the glass coating for a long time. The glass coating is a method to produce a film on the body of the car, and to protect an outside dirt car. In other words a film had a dirt every day; it is expected that wait.

A membrane ruptures, and car in itself has a dirt when I keep the dirt which collected intact. It becomes necessary to clean the dirt every week to keep glass coating for a long time. It is maintained the film, but can press the life of the film by performing this appropriately.

In addition, the look of car in itself becomes very clean by performing this maintenance. Because dirts collect on a film, I can more easily than the dirt which a car had directly remove a dirt. However, how to wash to rub with a brush unlike time to wash cars commonly is prohibited. The reason is because films may be produced. Without injuring a film by washing it with gentle tender sponges, I can drop a dirt neatly.

About the maintenance of this film, I recommend that I receive advice in a store specializing in glass coating. Because I can maintain a certain film by catching the advice in a specialty store, it has a long it more neatly and can continue it. I can realize continuation of more effective glass coating by maintaining the film by a right method.

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