Let's construct glass coating by right knowledge

How much for glass coating?

I think that I explained structure and a role of the glass coating so far. But it is a price to be interested when it becomes such a convenient glass coating. I think that there is much which I give up because a burden suffers from life in the store specializing in glass coating that is careful if too high. The basic price of the glass coating is around 6,000 yen by light car by new car.

Because this is a price only for windshields, the price changes when I include a side-view mirror and the side glass, but a price becomes cheaper while it is a new car. The system is such that I increase by approximately around 3,000 yen when it becomes the used car. The circumstances that a used car is high in are because I need the attention that is more careful than a new car as much as I am managed. On the contrary, I cannot show power of the glass coating when I end the used car by glass coating similar to a new car. The price becomes the price that I introduced, but is pricewise very cheap.

For example, I only purchased shampoo for glass coating, and approximately 1,000 yen suffers when I go by oneself when I entrust a shop when high. It costs approximately 4,000 yen when I repeat this every week. But it is said that I have about for half a year when I entrust a specialty store.

In other words I have only to drop the dirt which a film was accompanied by by shampoo for the car washing that there was advice for half a year if I perform glass coating once in a specialty store. The film of the glass coating that had you carry it out that much in a specialty store becomes strong. In addition, a price of the specialty store is not a price high at all because I do not know it when I perform it by oneself whether shampoo for which films is good when I include such a specialized part.

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