Importance of the maintenance

Importance of the maintenance

Glass coating is the said article, but maintenance becomes very important as I spoke it. Life of the glass coating shortens when I neglect maintenance even if I perform glass coating carefully and cannot show an effect of the original glass coating.

In other words I can continue glass coating for a long time by performing maintenance properly. This becomes the importance of the maintenance, but there is the importance of maintaining it elsewhere. It is to keep quality of the glass coating.

When time passes, the glass coating gradually loses the effect. A film comes off and is in a condition not to be able to achieve the original duty of the film when a film becomes thin partially.Then you must attach a film again again, but the problem is not only it. A film comes off, and, as for the part which became thin, the body of the direct car may have a dirt.

Then that dirt is staying because I make a film newly with there being the dirt. In other words a look worsens because it is in form to touch a film in the state that a car gained in a dirt again. The dirt which a car had directly becomes hard to be removed as I talked about even the said article. So I go the maintenance of the glass coating well and must prevent a dirt from a car having it directly. The maintenance of the glass coating becomes very important in this way.

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