Essence of the glass coating

Essence of the glass coating

I told that the system is such that the glass coating protects a car from an outside dirt by the said article, but I dig down the organization this time and want to talk about a role. At first it is a method to make a film of the glass coating, but it touches a film on the body by washing a car by shampoo for the car washing that special medicinal solution entered.

I do not paint like paint and put the film which prevents a dirt by washing a car by the shampoo that an exclusive liquid was in. I can put a film on the car by washing a car by the shampoo that the exclusive liquid was in, and washing it away. In other words it becomes the form to set up a seat preventing a dirt on the body of the car.

I can return it to the beautiful state by washing away a film because it is to do so it, and it disappears that car in itself is accompanied by a dirt, and a film only becomes dirty even if a car becomes dirty. Then when it is said why it was thought a method to prevent a dirt by putting a film; it on the body of the car of the case with the dirt take it, and there is it in hate. Is stubborn; when become dirty, the body of the car only had it, and there is the thing left like a stain. Then I come to cannot but paint it with the paint of the color same as a car.

The painting is necessary as well as the part which I painted generally when I paint it. It is because a color floats only on the part which I painted. In other words I attract attention. Because there is not it so, I make the film which protects a car from a dirt beforehand, and a dirt prevents that I am available in car in itself by sacrificing the film. The glass coating is the technique that is indispensable to protect a car.

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